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Unang Aklat: Early Literacy in the First 1000 Days Webinar on July 28, 2021 at 10AM - 12Nn

About Us


For the past 25 years the Philippine Ambulatory Pediatrics Association, Inc. (PAPA, Inc. ), has been true to  its mission of promoting the health of the Filipino children.

Thru its various advocacies, PAPA Inc. has achieved the following feathers in its cap:

1. successfully disseminated knowledge and information on childhood injury;

2. helped in the recognition and prevention of child abuse;

3. identified the correlation of tobacco smoke and tuberculosis in children;

4. promoted literacy thru reading aloud to the child;

5. and provided guidance to the pediatrician in assessing the milestones and general health of a child.

PAPA Inc. has been recognized by international research foundations as the frontliner in research on early literacy, tuberculosis in children and parenting.

In the next 25 years, I envision PAPA, Inc. to become the lead organization involved in creating health policies for the benefit of the Filipino children.  Furthermore, PAPA Inc., in all its advocacies, will champion its cause to promote the health of children in the Philippines and recognized as one of the leaders worldwide.

Wenslyn SM SAlvador, MD

President, PAPA 

2019 -2021