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PAPA 28th Annual Convention, 3rd Virtual, "EXPANDING HORIZONS IN CHILD HEALTH. Strengthening Primary Care and Primary Health Care Towards Realization of Universal Health Care" on March 1-2, 2023 at 4:00 PM-7:00PM

About Us



To be the Ambulatory Pediatric Association in the Philippines consisting of a diverse membership that will promote continuous, compassionate, and comprehensive care to Filipino children and continuing education to health professionals providing care to children in the country.



To provide holistic, innovative, and socially-responsive healthcare for children in the home, school and community.


1. Develop and sustain programs geared towards quality training and education of undergraduates, pediatric residents and fellows, as well as physicians involved in primary, secondary and tertiary health care in an ambulatory setting.

2. Create innovative programs to address unmet needs of children.

3. Strengthen and promote public health programs.

4. Advocate public policies promoting child health.

5. Foster linkages and alliances with both national and international organizations.