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Boosting Adolescent Immunization


PAPA 25th Annual Convention March 4-5, 2020 CONVENTION PROPER, "PAPA SILVER EDITION: "Optimizing Primary Health Care in the Ambulatory Setting"

In celebration of the Philippine Ambulatory Pediatric Association’s 25th Annual Convention, the theme “PAPA Silver Edition: Optimizing Primary Health Care in the Ambulatory Setting “was conceptualized to address the ever changing needs of the clinician in this day and age. With this convention, we hope to better equip the physicians and trainees not only in clinical practice but as a social manager to improve delivery of the pediatric health services in the primary care setting.

General Objective:

To provide the participants with updated knowledge, skills and competencies to improve clinical practice and management of children and adolescents in the primary care setting.

Specific Objectives:

1. To present useful screening tools in everyday pediatric practice.

2.To provide current trends in diagnostic and clinical practice management of different pediatric conditions encountered by the participants.

3. To equip the participant not only as a well-rounded clinician but as a social manager.

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