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SAVE THE DATE! 26th Annual Convention,1st Virtual Annual Convention , "New Perspectives, Directions and Opportunities in Pediatrics Amidst the Prevailing Pandemic." May 10-11, 2021, 4:00 PM

Members and Chapters


Want to be a member? You may choose what advocacy you might be interested to join.

* Health Supervision -  Modeled after BRIGHT FUTURES of the American Academy of Pediatrics, BAHAGHARI is a locally adapted guide for the health supervision of children from infancy to adolescence. The guide can be used by health practitioners as well as parents and families. Six core concepts are highlighted: Partnership, Communication, Health Promotion/Illness Prevention, Time Management, Education and Advocacy. 

* Community-based TB Control in Children - A community-based public-private partnership model for tuberculosis control program for children working with local government units and using national guidelines set by the Department of Health.  PAPA produced field guides based on the DOH National TB Program Manual of Operations for use by frontline health care workers including doctors, nurses, and midwives, as well as field guides for treatment partners and community advocates including school teachers, day care workers and lay people. 

* Tobacco Control - Protecting families and children from exposure to second hand smoke in communities using the brief advice approach which can be given by health care providers and lay people. BASiC was developed by PAPA and adapted from the Guam training program on brief intervention for tobacco control through a grant from WHO. PAPA has been awarded a grant from US National Academy of Sciences though PEER Health for a three year research entitled “Effect of a Smoking Cessation Intervention Program for Families on Clinical Outcomes of Children Diagnosed with TB”. The research aims to study the effect of exposures to second hand smoke on the development of TB in children as well as the time to resolution of the TB signs and symptoms. 

* Early Literacy [Reach Out and Read Philippines] -  ROR promotes early literacy to support brain growth, early childhood development and reading readiness. It provides training, support and guidance to enable hospitals, clinics and health centers to start ROR in our most-at-risk communities so that disadvantaged young Filipino children can grow up with books and a love of reading. ROR is now integrated as part of pediatric care in 5 hospitals, a military station hospital, and a community center in Metro Manila.  RORP is a partner of Unang Aklat, a project of the Adarna Group Foundation, Inc., to promote early literacy in low income communities.

* Childhood Injury Prevention - In 2015, the PAPA Committee on Childhood Injury Prevention was created to focus on risks and morbidities in children brought about by injuries and to plan programs to strengthen this advocacy. The committee is chaired by Dr. Maria Eva I. Jopson and co-chaired by Dr. Marjorie M. Apigo. The members of the committee are Dr. Soraya  A. Alvarado and Dr. Renee Joy P. Neri. The objectives are: 1)to organize scientific forums and workshops related to child injury prevention to increase physician awareness and apply appropriate and timely management of cases to prevent further morbidities in children; 2)to participate in continuing education activities offered / conducted by external agencies  (e.g. WHO, DOH) to enhance competencies in training other PAPA members and the public; 3)to implement and monitor an injury surveillance system to address the needs of the pediatric population; 4)to plan and implement advocacy programs related to prevention and mitigating incidents of childhood injuries in general; 5)to serve as pool of resource persons of the organization in pediatric injury related issues and programs; and 6)to conduct relevant researches related to childhood injuries and injury prevention to serve as basis for planning programs and policy formulation.

You may contact the PAPA Office Secretariat at the following contact information:

Telefax: (02) 525-1797; 0933-9144623



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