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Members and Chapters

La Union Chapter

February 21, 2014: La Union chapter was organized headed by Dr. Jeisela B. Gaerlan


I. “Adopt a SPED” School Project

1.] 280 pupils were screened for PPD; 60  patients were tested positive and treated for 6 months with anti-TB.

2.] Nutrition Program                                                                                                                         

- Weight and Height were recorded

- 48 Malnourished Children were rehabilitated for 6 months                           

- Weekly weight monitoring                                                                                               

- Weekly Feedings                                                                                                             

- Milk distribution                                                                                                                 

- Supply of one egg daily were given                                                                         

- Mother’s class on what food to give                                                                          

- 48 children reached their ideal body weight after 6 months

3.] Deworming of the Children  on December 2016

4.] Measles Immunization

II. A research of Dr. Leigh Salinas with the title,  “Passive Smoking and Its Association to Pulmonary  Tuberculosis in Children in a Tertiary Hospital in La Union, Philippines: A   Retrospective Study“ was finished.

III. AIDS Awareness Campaign December 1, 2016

1.] Attendance at the parade held on December 1, 2016.                                                                    

2.] Dr. Jeisela B. Gaerlan gave a lecture at the San Fernando Town Plaza on AIDS.                      

3.] “Glory Walk," a Friday night walk at the “Red Light Area” of San Fernando City, La Union. Prayers and mini lecture on hygiene, STD and AIDS disease. This was attended by sex workers.

Projects for 2017

1.] SPED  School at San Fernando City, La Union.                                                                                

a. Hospicare: Caring for special child participants with parents and guardians.                                          

b. Reach Out and Read Program Launching in February.                                                                    

c. Book bank for the SPED library.

2.] Extension to another SPED School in Balaoan, La Union.

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