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PAPA 28th Annual Convention, 3rd Virtual, "EXPANDING HORIZONS IN CHILD HEALTH. Strengthening Primary Care and Primary Health Care Towards Realization of Universal Health Care" on March 1-2, 2023 at 4:00 PM-7:00PM

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EDILBERTO B. GARCIA, JR. MD MSPH - Over-all Chair, 18th Annual Convention

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TO all PAPA members, Soon to be MEMBERS AND Guests:

Welcome to OUR 18th Philippine Ambulatory Pediatric Association (PAPA) Annual convention!

Our theme “The ABC of the XYZ and Beyond Generations …” addresses not only the pressing issues affecting our children in their present environment but also the issues that we deal with as clinic and/or hospital practitioners. As in the past conventions, we stayed true to the “PAPA brand of convention”, combining clinical and practical lectures.  We have grouped lectures into four clusters to help us be practitioners who are PRACTICAL and PASSIONATE, QUICK and COOL, RELEVANT and SIGNIFICANT.

TO OUR KEYNOTE SPEAKER, LECTURERS, PANELISTS AND MODERATORS; We would like to THANK YOU for taking time-out from your hectic schedules to be with us to  resolve clinical problems we face in our practice and to share pointers on how to make our clinic / hospital  practice more rewarding.

TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE AND THE PAPA BOARD OF OFFICERS AND SUPPORT STAFF:  I would like to thank you ALL for YOUR support in making this event possible.

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