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PAPA 28th Annual Convention, 3rd Virtual, "EXPANDING HORIZONS IN CHILD HEALTH. Strengthening Primary Care and Primary Health Care Towards Realization of Universal Health Care" on March 1-2, 2023 at 4:00 PM-7:00PM



In 2015, the PAPA Committee on Childhood Injury Prevention was created to focus on risks and morbidities in children brought about by injuries and to plan programs to strengthen this advocacy. The committee is chaired by Dr. Maria Eva I. Jopson and co-chaired by Dr. Marjorie M. Apigo. The members of the committee are Dr. Soraya  A. Alvarado and Dr. Renee Joy P. Neri. The objectives are: 1)to organize scientific forums and workshops related to child injury prevention to increase physician awareness and apply appropriate and timely management of cases to prevent further morbidities in children; 2)to participate in continuing education activities offered / conducted by external agencies  (e.g. WHO, DOH) to enhance competencies in training other PAPA members and the public; 3)to implement and monitor an injury surveillance system to address the needs of the pediatric population; 4)to plan and implement advocacy programs related to prevention and mitigating incidents of childhood injuries in general; 5)to serve as pool of resource persons of the organization in pediatric injury related issues and programs; and 6)to conduct relevant researches related to childhood injuries and injury prevention to serve as basis for planning programs and policy formulation


Last September 2015, the committee met and planned to organize a scientific forum and workshop to increase physician awareness regarding childhood injuries and the appropriate and timely management of cases to prevent further morbidities in children.

The committee members were likewise given the opportunity to complete the TEACH VIP (Violence and Injury Prevention) training course conducted by the UP College of Medicine, UPCM Research Implementation and Development Office and the WHO Western Pacific Region, last October 19-21, 2015 at the Diamond Hotel, Manila.

Last November 27, 2015, the committee conducted the conceptualized PAPA Scientific Forum and Workshop entitled “Addressing A.I.D.E. in Children (Abuse, Injuries, Disasters and Emergencies)” held at the Audio Visual Room of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. Aside from injury prevention, the seminar also focused on providing knowledge and skills in recognizing the physically abused child, and increasing the competencies of trainees and pediatricians in field triaging, transport and  prioritization of injured children in times of mass casualties incidents (MCI) and disasters. All the resource speakers of the forum are currently active PAPA members and the scientific content of the seminar / workshop were as follows:

            1.  Overview of Surveillance and Injuries in Children – Dr. Maria Eva I. Jopson

            2.  The Fall Scoring System: Identifying the High Risk Child – Dr. Marjorie M. Apigo

            3.  Physical Injuries: When to Suspect Child Abuse – Dr. Renee Joy P. Neri

            4.  Child Injury Prevention: In Search of Effective Strategies – Dr. Maria Eva I. Jopson

            5.  Children and Injury Related Pain – Dr. Cecilia O. Gan

            6.  PECARN: Pediatric Head Injury Algorithm – Dr. Soraya A. Alvarado

        7.  JumpSTART  Pediatric Triage: Timely Intervention to Mitigate Effects of  Disasters and Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) – Dr. Maria Eva I. Jopson

            8. Table top exercise in Developing Triaging Skills during MCI

In general, the activity was a success and was rated highly by the participants mostly coming from the National Capital Region (NCR). Majority of the participants were residents in training who will now be able to competently apply what they have learned from the scientific sessions and workshop, back to their hospitals and communities.

For future activities of PAPA related to  injury prevention, the committee will organize the pilot project on the “Pediatric Injury Network and Surveillance (P.I.N.S)”, in coordination with identified hospitals, initially in Metro Manila. For this project, PAPA will help participating hospitals make use of their injury surveillance information as basis for planning injury preventive programs based on identified needs of children. The committee has developed a comic book entitled, "Keeping Jet Safe", which is helpful and a must-read by parents, caregivers and teachers.

The committee is conducting a Scientific Forum and Workshop annually. For upcoming events, please see news and announcements.


Members of the Committee on Childhood Injury and Prevention conducted 4 A.I.D.E. (Accident, Injury, Disaster, Emergencis) seminars this year. One was held last August 5, 2019 for the La Union Chapter of PAPA. This was held at the Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center (ITRMC), San Fernando La Union and attended by 50 participants. The other training was held in Mendez, Tagaytay last August 30, 2019 in coordination with the Family Health Office of the Department of Health for CALABARZON. 164 participants attended which included representatives from DSWD, PNP, LGU’s and school officials. The 3rd AIDE training was conducted last September 20, 2019 at Los Banos Doctors Medical Center. The seminar focused on injury prevention in the home and school setting. This was attended by 80 participants, mostly teachers, nurses and school physicians.  The last training was held on October 9, 2019, spearheaded by Dr. Eva Jopson together with the Community Outreach staff of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) represented by Dr. Jasmin Castillo and the pediatric residents on community rotation. They conducted the first Injury Prevention Education in Schools through Book Readings at the Malaya Elementary School, District 4 Quezon City. Seventy-seven students, together with the Grade 1 teachers of 2 sections actively participated in the activity. Grade 1 students were given the book “Keeping Jeff Safe” to take home and keep.

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